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Complete assembled crossflow turbines, optional with complete electric components. We manufacture your turbine complete and ready to install. These units can be used either for isle grid or net grid connection.


  • Netto-head: 3m - 40m
  • Flow: 60l/s to 500l/s
  • Power: up to 40kW
  • runner diameter: 135mm to 500mm


For a offer, we need the following informations:

- Net-head (m), or

- Head (m) with informations about pressure pipe diameter, length, material

- flow (l/s) or better a discharge courve of a average year

- informations about the quality of the water, especially silt, leaves etc.

- informations about the location like: altitude (m over MSL) humidity.

- informations about the usage of the energy (net grid or isle grid)

- Sketches, pictures or charts of the situation.